Friday, April 21, 2006

Eagle Cam

Jake and I have become a little addicted to a website that was forwarded to us by a colleague of Jonathan's. It is a live feed by a camera that was placed in an eagle's nest. Little did I know that it actually has a back-story linked to autism. Please read the following excerpt from an email distributed by Nancy Morrison, who is a leader in Ontario's Autism Awareness community and you must check out the links!:

I am providing you with a few links below, one to an eaglecam to view a couple of eagles caring and nurturing their eggs. They are expected to hatch soon. The other websites are about the man who installed the eaglecam, he was an autistic man living in BC. I recall sharing an article about him about four years ago - when he was doing one of his swims around Manhattan Island. His bio on the websites is fascinating.... Unfortunately, Benn had a climbing accident late last year and is no longer with us. But his webcam is still here for us to view.

For the eagle webcam:

or for successive still shots:

To read about Benn Kramer


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