Monday, April 09, 2007

Please Read! - The Mighty Quinn

Friends, family and any other readers out there ---

I know I ask a lot of you. I ask you to care about my kids. I ask you to put up with long rants and raves and dramatic writings. So many of you have done so much for my family over the last few years and here I am asking more of you again now. I'm asking because I know how compassionate you have all been to us and I'm hoping that you might show some of that compassion again for Quinn.

Jon and I recently came back into contact with an old friend from high school through facebook (that addictive e-community site). Kevin is an amazing guy who has a busy young family of his own. He heard Quinn's story from his wife, Erin, who went to school with Quinn's parents in the Soo. Kevin was so moved by Quinn & his family's story, that he has decided to make a difference. How many of us couch potatoes would commit to training for a marathon, so that he can raise pledges for each kilometre run? All proceeds are going to Quinn's family.

I beg of you to take the time to watch Quinn's video and to check out the links below. If you have anything you can spare to contribute to Kevin's fundraising efforts, I implore you to contact him.

Here is a blurb from Kevin's site:

"Quinn has Phaces Association, a rare condition that was brought on by a stroke that he suffered in utero. I’m not going to tell you Quinn’s story, as it is better told by his mother Jennifer, who has kept a long and detailed chronicle of the ups and downs of Quinn’s first year of life. I will say that he has earned his nickname “The Mighty Quinn”…one look at his smile makes you marvel at the human spirit. With all the pain and suffering that he has endured in such a short period of time, he still finds a way to bring joy to his parents, and inspiration to those around him.

I am not immune to that, and so I have decided that I will Run For Quinn in the upcoming Ottawa Marathon. I have never run a marathon, but after completing a half-marathon in December, I made the decision to go the distance. I wasn’t planning on running on behalf of a cause, but after I read Quinn’s story earlier in January I haven’t been able to put the idea out of my head. So here I am."

What is PHACES Association? :

Read about Quinn & his family's story:

We are a family who knows firsthand how much it means to have your community rally behind you when it seems that there is no end in sight to the struggle. You have all made such a difference in our lives and your support helped to give us the strength we needed to keep moving forward. Can we ask it of you again to help Quinn?

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for even letting me ask this of you. xoxo

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mcewen said...

Good for you and good for him. I'm really hoping that this year Autism Awareness Month will have far greater impact than in previous years.
Best wishes to you in all your endeavours.

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